Improving Wealth Consciousness

I’m learning that wealth consciousness is a mindset!
I’m someone who is inundated by coaches trying to sell their products and services. I’ve been having so much fun learning about what different coaches are doing with their work. I’ve seen my own process evolving and expanding. My shifts have come from moving through fear that continues to come forward. What’s been so great about the last 6 months has been my ability to be with the fear and move forward anyway. I see my wealth consciousness evolving and it’s quite amazing. I’ve invested $18,000 into coaches and trainings this past year and a half and I’ve made it all back and then some! I’ve seen in my own experience that you have to INVEST in yourself to move through the fear. Money is energy! I knew I had to put out energy to receive it back. This has been such a profound shift. I see so many people that expect things to be different because they think they want it to be different. It takes more than a thought or just saying it. There must be intentional action behind the thoughts and words expressed. You have to show the Universe that you are willing to step into your dreams. No one ever is 100% sure that their actions will lead to what they want in life. However, staying still will never get you there. I’ve also noticed that when I take action I am often lead in a direction that I didn’t even know a possibility. I have learned over the years that my mind is limited in seeing the possibilities for me. My mind often holds me back so when I push through with action, a greater version is created. My heart is open to receiving the greatest version of me in service to the highest good of all concern. Each new level brings new learnings. The more risks I take, the easier it becomes to let go into it and learn and love. My biggest take away has been that you have to invest in yourself for others to invest in you!

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