Express Yourself

The more I recover my true essence, the more I express myself into the world. My process used to be so introverted, so internal. I’ve always been comfortable with processing inside of myself. My recovery has led me down a path of self-expression. Self-expression has manifested into my coaching business. I’m not concerned with running my business like other people. My intention is to use my business as an opportunity to express myself. It’s another way for me to practice intuition. I listen within for a message on next steps. I’ve been feeling pulled to creating my own affirmation cards. I’ve also felt called to writing an E-Book or E-Guide. I’ve been sharing learnings with others for some years now and would like to express these learnings onto the page or into a product. We are all looking for universal truths somehow, someway. I see seekers in everyone. It doesn’t matter what part of the journey we are on, we are one with each other and therefore universal truth resonates with all of us. Love and compassion resonates! I also see how inspiration and creativity resonate with people on the healing journey. The more we actualize, the more we express. Expression has been powerful for me due to a misperception of not having a voice as a child. I have a voice now. My voice is strong, it’s spirited and it’s dynamic. I’m allowing myself to have a voice. I’m stepping into my voice and self-expression. There is energy in action. How might you self-express this week?


  1. Wes on July 7, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    Self expression doesn’t come easily to me. Self repression, on the other hand, has been my “go to” response to dealing with life and it hasn’t served me. I’m grateful I’m at a point where I can see this and make the choice to actively challenge that self defeating habit rather than remaining comfortable with something that keeps me small. I like what you say about stepping into your voice and your self expression. I think learning to be vulnerable in the beginning stages of my process through expressing myself online and sharing with others has helped tremendously in allowing myself to continue to challenge these self limiting beliefs that I haven’t been worthy to speak or that my silence protects me somehow. I look forward each day to expressing myself in social media with other like minded people and to expressing myself through writing in my journal. I also notice the need to use compassion and self love in expressing myself to keep me from shutting down into old habits of repression as a means of protection. I now like to see my process as a stepping out of my small self and into my voice and my spotlight.

    • beverlysa on July 7, 2015 at 5:34 pm

      I see you busting through these limiting beliefs. More and more, the old story dissolves. Loved the quote you posted today about being one decision away from a very different life. That reminds me of self-expression. With just one decision, people can express themselves even more. I’ve been observing my own and other people’s process for awhile. It’s as if the ego must get comfortable first before it surrenders. Once the surrender happens, the process of expression can fully unfold.

  2. Wes on July 7, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    I like the image of surrendering the ego as it pertains to expressing myself rather than feeling I have to overcome it. It’s less being in resistance to the ego and more in the flow of what’s present.

    • beverlysa on July 8, 2015 at 1:17 am

      You have the consciousness and the awareness to keep practicing the surrender. The more you have been doing it, the easier it has become for you to catch the fear and doubt quicker. Will there be times that you let into it, of course. I have that experience as well. However, it’s not as often now. Ego isn’t bad. You and I enjoy connecting with truth versus connecting with something that holds us back from truth. Surrendering is a beautiful process. It’s us letting go into acceptance that all is well without our worry or fear or doubt or judgment. Those are all things of the mind. I practice each day living from my loving essence versus my mind.

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