Essential Oils in Recovery

img_1073 I’m Nancy Ann Key, Transformational Guide and Elevatrix of Women. I’m a fierce lover of Life, of all things spiritual and human. I see the integration of All of it in every aspect of every day, and I draw tremendous inspiration from this comprehensive viewpoint. I have a gift for meeting women exactly where they are and seeing the bright shining lights that surround them. I help them to feel their fullness, their power and their connection with Everyone and Everything.

Recovery. What an immensely expansive word this is.

I love to consider such ideas from the perspective of both macrocosm and microcosm, and this really seems appropriate as a way to approach the enormity of this topic in an understandable way.

I’ll begin with the microcosm. From a human-experience perspective, we wish to recover our bodies. We wish to heal our bodies. This is because our bodies are our vehicles as spiritual beings and so our journey here in this lifetime depends greatly on the vitality of the Body.

And then, as we expand out into the wider perspective that is the macrocosm, we begin to look at our role as part of the flora and fauna of Earth and how it is that we might serve Her greater recovery, realizing She’s in a space where she’s given maximally, at her own expense, where she has been tapped out, targeted, perhaps even abused and mistreated.

Is this beginning to sound familiar to you? Can you see how You and Earth have shared so many similar experiences and pains? Can you see how You and Earth are aspiring to a similar sense of recovery?

And now, if you will, begin to see the interplay of your own personal recovery, our collective recovery as humans, and the recovery of Earth. And begin to see the importance of recognizing what it is each of us is here to offer as the unique beings we are, and also… (wait for it)… what it is that we are here to Receive.

And so I’ll begin here in sharing the role of pure essential oils in our bodily recovery, our spiritual recovery, and in the recovery of Mama Earth.

Beautiful Mother Earth is here to feed us and to heal us, as mothers are called to do. So how do we let her in and order that she can do so? In a time of so much question, in a time where even her food supply has been so dramatically affected, how do we allow her in?

We begin by going to where the soils are still rich, where humanity has not been so swayed, so strayed; where there is profound goodness to be experienced, delivered and received amongst humans in an open exchange.

Pure essential oils are aromatic compounds which are extracted from plants – be it the roots, the bark, the stem, the leaves, the flower – and distilled for elevated potency to be used for health benefit in the human body.

These extracts are tens to 100 times more potent than herbs, so they are deeply powerful representations of the plants.

We have a symbiotic relationship with plants. We share certain aspects of our cell structure with theirs. Pure essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant, the immune system if you will, and they are here to provide us protection and opportunity for growth, just as they do for the plant.

The aromatics call to us, as they do in nature, communicating to us that there is something beautiful and helpful they would like to share. We can trust this communication if it truly invites us in. When we receive the aroma, the plant life enters our own cell structure and begins to work in specific therapeutic manner within the body.

Harvesting the plants from their indigenous soils is essential, so that the plant bears all of its God-given strengths. And when the farmers receive love, when their communities and families receive support and good will, there is a karmetic equation that begins, an energetic shift that has unlimited reach and serves the greater good.

And here’s my favorite part. The essential oil aromatics evoke feelings, as the olfactory nerve delivers a message to the amygdala, the center of feeling and association in our brains. Each essential oil creates a specific feeling, and so the potential to use the oils intentionally in order to create our experience in any given moment becomes a powerful tool for manifestation of what it is we’d like to be experiencing in our lives.

This is because anytime we’d like to be experiencing something in our lives, anything we want or desire, what we are actually desiring is the feeling that we believe that “thing” will give to us.

When we become clear on the feelings that we would like to experience, and we use a beautiful, natural, safe tool like essential oils in order to create that feeling in our bodies and in our person, we change our frequency, we come into the vibration of what it is that we want, and the process of manifestation of our desires is exponentially accelerated.

I think that’s enough for now. Perhaps enough for even a lifetime! I’ll let that resonate within you and look forward to our next interaction around the oils.

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