6 Qualities To Consider When Starting Your Recovery Coaching Business

Starting your business requires a similar skill to your recovery process.

Who do I need to be to actualize my dreams?
If this feels like a stretch, looking to someone you admire who has leadership skills, has started their own business or just operates in a way that resonates with you. Think of that person and imagine what they must be thinking to get out there, share their passion and purposes and get visible. Really put yourself in their shoes, see out of their eyes, breathe through their lungs and connect to what they are feeling, thinking and seeing as they share themselves with the world.

Qualities to consider when starting your business:

Be Definite
When I decided to become a coach, I got super clear and definite of my choice. I never waved and I still don’t waver. I’m definite in my energy and what direction I’m moving. I don’t know all the answers. I don’t know how it’s going to look. I don’t know all the strategies but I do know I’m going to follow my joy, calling and purpose.

Be Committed
I’m committed to learning and growing. A commitment to the paradigm that life is for learning has proved me well in my recovery, life and now business. Just like life is for learning, business is for learning too. I know that learnings and growth will be part of my process so I’m not surprised by learning, I welcome it. I’m committed to my growth and I want to grow. Therefore, I look for ways to grow versus ways to stay small.

Be Expressive
Expression is the final phase of recovery that I talk about in my 3 phase approach to healing. I find the expression phase so critical. I love that in business you can express yourself. When I started my business I approached it through expression. I’m going to use my business to express my voice, share my truth and demonstrate my recovery. I just wanted to have fun. I engaged all the learning from this view of having fun and expressing myself.

Be Intuitive
Business offers much practice in intuition. It’s so easy to fall prey to shiny-object syndrome because there is so much to learn. I strongly encourage you to stay connected to your intuition. There have been many opportunities for me to say yes to another package or program with a coach. However, I always check-in with myself and intuition and only say yes to things that will support my next move. You don’t want to get too far ahead of yourself and just be signing up for program after program. You really want to be intentional with your steps and choices. When you follow your intuition, you will see amazing results. It’s not about saying yes to every opportunity you have, it’s about listening to what’s the next best thing for you. I love using business to strengthen my intuitive muscle.

Have Endurance
Don’t hear many coaches talk about endurance but it’s very important. Slow and steady wins the race. It also offers the opportunity for you to grow faster. Drop the expectations of what your business or process is supposed to look like and remember to stay connected to why you are doing this. Your why is going to drive you when things are going as planned. I tend not to put a lot of pressure or expectations on myself. I more want to see what I feel like creating and work from there. Dropping the expectation has offered some space for creation. It’s not about getting a certain point, it really is about enjoying the process along the way.

Allow Receiving
Starting a business really challenged my ability to receive. However, it’s been one of the best gifts I’ve gotten from my process. My receiving muscle is certainly expanding and growing. When I started off, I thought I was just going to coach people and have a small business and would be happy with that. As I have grown in myself and now grown in my business, I want to be of service in a bigger way. I want to live my potential and expression in a big way. Not to strengthen my ego but live from my Authentic Self. The more I open my heart to receiving the more people I serve. I used to feel over-responsible, over-commitment, over-invested. However, my receiving muscle is growing and this is all changing.

These qualities have supported me in starting my business and also growing within my business. Which one do you relate to the most?

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