My Unique Path To My Coaching Biz

I had been undecided for many years: therapist or coach? People had been telling me, “You need to do your own thing.” I totally agreed, just didn’t know what that was or how that looked. Following the mainstream, social work, mental health counseling or marriage and family therapy would have been calling my name. However, I tend to be someone who walks to the beat of my own drum and carves out a space for my own way of being.

Made A Decision
After receiving much feedback from the Universe and checking in with my intuition, I made a decision to become a coach. As I look back on it now, it was quite similar to the moment I chose recovery. It was like a light switch being flicked up with clarity, intentionality and focus. It was decided; I was going to become a coach that specialized in recovery.

Found A Springboard
My decision entailed moving back to California, finding a new job and going to coaching school. Oddly enough, I stumbled upon employment coaching on a behavioral health platform. I immediately applied, set up an interview and had a connected, knowledgable, compassionate conversation with an incredible leader who would become my boss! It was an effortless process that would prove to enhance my tech skills and connect me with a larger audience of people working on substance abuse, mental health and trauma issues.

Enrolled In Coaching School
I had already done my research and spoken to the founder and facilitator of Crossroads Recovery Coaching School. I was able to attend the year long tele-classes while gaining work experience as a coach. I committed to the program by completing all the course work and using the experience to become a credentialed coach through ICF. I am currently in the process of becoming an Associate Certified Coach. Waiting to hear back, fingers crossed!

Hired a Mentor Coach
While attending recovery coaching school, I hired a mentor coach to support me in starting my own business. Hiring a mentor coach was the best decision I made for myself and my business. I knew that if I wanted to coach others, I needed to have the experience of being coached. The support and accountability, assisted me in getting my business up and running. By the end of coaching school, I already had 10 paying clients. Most people don’t start their business while in school, but I was ready, determined and took action to make my dream a reality.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a coach and start a business. My business is an expression of myself. I’ve been thriving in life for quite some time now and want to see other professionals thrive as well. Perhaps you’ve thought of becoming a coach yourself. I’m all about sharing myself and my resources. Set up some time to speak with me via my appointment setter or call me directly at (619) 567-9896.

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