I totally get it. You’ve always known you were meant for more. You’ve felt it in your bones or better yet your spirit. And since stopping substances your soul’s been craving a bigger expression through service, influence and consciousness. You’ve had potential inside you percolating (yes, I drink coffee) and trying to get out. You just haven’t found the support that speaks to your soul and has you feeling boldly backed by The Universe.

I’m Beverly Sartain and after getting sober through non-conventional teachings of Spiritual Psychology, I found it difficult to find a community that resonated with my soul. So I created it! Let me know if this sounds familiar.  I was looking for a conscious community of people talking about thriving versus survival, about living aligned to Higher Self versus ego and about being the creator versus succumbing to victim consciousness (I lived there for years. No More).


For a long time, I almost felt bad for my breakthroughs and questioned why I wasn’t struggling like everyone else. I was straight up having thriver’s guilt as I continued to hear how ridiculously hard recovery was for everyone around me. I felt like I had cracked the recovery code aka devoted myself to personal and spiritual growth and was feeling a transformation in my mind, body and spirit. The truth is that you aren’t meant to struggle sweet dear. Yes, I’m talking to you. Breathe and receive that!

So are you ready to go from:

Knowing you’ve got potential but holding yourself back

Buying into the b.s.story your ego keeps telling you

Wondering if you could really use your recovery for profound purpose

And Move To:

Owning your awesomeness and shining your light bright. No. Matter. What.

Being confident and clear in who you are being and what you have to offer

Living a conscious and intentional life that feels so good to your soul.

Recovery Life Lab

Calling you forward…

To rise above recovery and move beyond maintaining.

The Recovery Life Lab is a holistic online community for men and women already in recovery yet know they need to do more inner work and outer work so that they can create a life they love and are proud of inside and out.

You have daily access to an active online community where you will receive monthly calls, daily support and accountability around new sobriety skills and tools that are going to up-level your recovery and positively impact your relationships, finances and future. Plus you’ve got access to my recovery toolbox full of worksheets, pdfs and other fun resources.

You will walk away with a feeling of being seen and heard through a conscious community of like-minded individuals. You will walk away seeing yourself make strides on the goal line of life. You will hear people recognizing your recovery and acknowledging all your hard work.

Want to learn more: http://enroll.recoverylifelab.com/

Recovery Ripple Project

You’re sober and surviving.

But you’ve felt the pull to do so much more.

The Recovery Ripple Project is a self-paced program that will take you through the process of identifying, designing, implementing and completing your very own recovery-based Passion Project. The Recovery Ripple Project is all about you taking your recovery service to a whole other level in service to acknowledging your personal recovery while ending the stigma of substance use in your community.

You will receive a Module every week that includes a video, worksheets and pdfs all specifically designed to move you from having an inspired idea to actually crossing the finish line with a Passion Project that has heart and meaning for you and those around you.

You will walk away feeling a sense of sacred service to Self and those around you. You will see yourself as someone more capable and confident then you ever knew possible. You will hear people thanking you for being a change-maker and having positive influence on your community.

Want to start a project now? Enroll at www.recoveryrippleproject.com.

Lifework Launchers Mentorship Program

You are sensing a call to use your recovery for greater purpose.

The Lifework Launchers Mentorship Program is a 6 month group coaching program for people in recovery who are ready to lay the foundation to an online recovery coaching or recovery-based business.

You will walk away feeling incredibly confident in building a bustling business. You will walk away seeing a firm foundation to a scalable recovery coaching business. You will walk away hearing people say ‘YES’ to hopping on a call to connect and hear about your services.

The Mentorship program happens twice a year. Schedule a call with me to see if the Mentorship Program is your right next step.

Lifework Launchers Mastermind Program

You are heeding the call and ALL-IN on your purpose. Nothing’s going to stop your success.

The Lifework Launchers Mastermind Experience is a 6 month group mastermind program for people in recovery who have laid the foundation and are growing their business as an expression of their soul and sobriety.

You will be feeling a not so subtle shift as your spirit is flying high with creative expression. You will walk away seeing yourself making massives leaps and bounds through action you never could have conjured up on your own. Masterminds are powerful! You will be hearing yourself saying to yourself, “Look at me now” as you experience yourself tapping into your personal power and far exceeding your highest expectations of yourself.

The Mastermind opens twice a year. Schedule a call with me to see if the Mastermind is your right next step.

1:1 Coaching

Group coaching is great and all but you KNOW you need some hand-holding to take the inspired action that needs to happen for you to create the life and business you deeply desire. You’ve tried to go it alone or already know how you work best and that’s with some individual attention so that we can keep a check on your mindset, your follow-through and your next steps.

1:1 Coaching is a premium package where you will get monthly coaching on a  specified topic and timeframe of your choosing including emails, texts and any pdfs applicable to your process. I’m available to you always (boundaries considered of course).

You will walk away feeling seen and heard for who you are. You will walk away seeing yourself with head held high and shoulders back with pride. You will hear me acknowledging every small step you take because that eventually turns into a long-term legacy of loving.

If you’d like to be considered for individual coaching, send an email to bevsartain@recoverylifemanagement.com so that we can hop on a call and see if we are a fit.