Being on Purpose

It seems as though many of us feel that we are just supposed to know our purpose. We spend countless hours thinking about what it could be. Herein lies the issue. Purpose is not found through ruminating in the mind; it’s found within heart connection. I have often seen in my own experience how I blocked the flow of purpose. Purpose is energy and essence. Mental chatter, obsession and figuring it out all create resistance to the process. Purpose is not found mentally; it is found by connecting deeply with yourself and your Heart’s Desire. Most people don’t know their purpose. It’s something that is identified along the way of life. I have found that I thought purpose lied within the recovery process. As my own process has evolved, so is my purpose. That’s why it’s so important to start with some action and move forward from there. Release the pressure of needing to have all the answers and have it all figured out right now. What’s one step you can take to start connecting with purpose? And if you are connecting with purpose, how did you get in alignment?!


  1. Wes on September 23, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    I’m connecting with purpose through my process. Aligning with purpose is something that I am bringing to how I show up. There’s a choice I’m making when I judge my actions as pointless or not enough or not purposeful. I’m choosing to deny the present moment, the only time/place I can choose to make the way I’m being in the world purposeful. Right now, my present moment is occupied by my job. My purpose now is to recognize my worth in this moment by bringing authenticity to myself and the way I show up while I’m here. As you point out, purpose is not found mentally and this is a shift I’m experiencing lately in my process. It’s an energy, a frequency that I need to match through how I show up with my family and my work. It means I accept that, in the case of today, I’ve chosen to be at work and that I accept that I also choose my state of being in this moment or any moment. Do I want to choose authenticity and acknowledging my worth or ego and searching for worthiness outside of myself, in circumstances where it can’t be found? This doesn’t mean I’m accepting that I’m destined to stay at my job. It means I’m opening myself up to the possibility that comes with showing up as authentically as possible in any given moment. Besides work and family, I plan on exploring the possibility of attending a local meditation center some time this next week. I intend to follow up on the peer counseling opportunities when and if I hear back from my contact. I intend to continue to open myself up to taking risks I haven’t conceived of or encountered yet in my process. Therein lies my purpose as I see it now, to show up authentically in whatever situation I find myself in whether by choice or circumstance while trusting it all as part of the journey I’m on to align with my best self. I’ve written this amidst a lot of distraction so hoping it makes sense and choosing to submit it as enough as it is.

    • beverlysa on September 23, 2015 at 9:15 pm

      Huge awareness Wes!!! The moment is the purpose. You are purpose in the moment. You bringing awareness, love and compassion to each moment is purpose. Especially when others don’t have the consciousness to do it themselves, YET! We are all evolving, some slower than others. That is all okay. You resolving the judgments is ABSOLUTELY purposeful! You’ve been denying yourself and denying the joy. No need to do that anymore. No need to judge that experience. Just let it go and BE now!

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