I'm Beverly Sartain, your Transformational Coach. I help people in recovery from substance use, mental health or trauma who are “feeling the nudge” to move beyond maintaining and actually “actualize their calling”–with style and grace!


If you are ready to:

  • Turn your recovery into your life’s work since you’ve been through your own school of hard-knocks and have a unique perspective and want to help others live a life of success while being sober.
  • Get clear and confident about your capabilities beyond simply staying sober so you can become a thriver and not just survive substances.
  • And own your awesomeness so that you can give life to that passion of yours–whether that’s becoming a community advocate, coach or starting your recovery-based biz?


Then I’m here to help you make it happen.


Here's the deal:


I know exactly what it feels like when you want to go bigger and do more with your life than simply stay sober or just maintain status quo. I felt it too!


Today, most people know me a pretty put together person with 11 years of recovery, walking my talk in all areas of my life and rockin' my coaching business. Awesome, right?!


Truth is, it wasn’t always this way.


For a long time, I knew I had potential inside me but I wasn’t living it.


It took my battle with substance abuse–one that left me struggling with suicidal thoughts  and an inability to get on with my life–for me to make the gut-wrenching admission that I couldn’t fix myself and needed to ask for help in doing so.


And let me tell you: It was hard.


In fact: That initial step seemed like the hardest thing I’d ever done.

But the amazing thing is things changed really quickly– and my life–shifted in positive ways once I sought help. Things started to get better for me when I learned how to shift my perspective from negative to positive.

My first stop was therapy, which then lead to me attending a Spiritual Psychology Master's Degree program. It was then that I truly began to live my life in alignment with spiritual principles and tools.


Growth came slow and hard, but growth came.

Over time, I realized I was literally changing myself from the inside out. Me–someone who a few years before had wondered if she would ever be happy or was better off dead. It was true transformation!


Seriously. Almost every little thing in my life changed.


I healed unresolved issues by, learning self-forgiveness, self-compassion and self-worth. These were all entirely new concepts to me.


Over time, I connected with myself in a new way. I wasn’t just easier on myself, dear, but I cultivated a true connection with my Higher Self. That’s when purpose flowed in.


I learned to be with my emotions, changed my thinking and created a solid self-care practice that has supported me through all these years. As a result, I headed down a path of purpose that lead me to become a Substance Abuse Counselor.


But that isn’t the end of the story, my friends.

It wasn't all smooth sailing from there, either.


I hit a crossroads. Become a therapist or become a coach? After much inner deliberation and clear signs from the Universe, I made the decision to become a coach. (Best decision EVER!)


I did what most people don't do. I got super intentional and made some tough choices:

  • I found a coaching job in California on an online behavioral health platform
  • I put in my notice at my good paying non-profit job
  • I registered and got my certification from Crossroads Recovery Coaching School
  • I hired a mentor coach to help me start my business
  • I started my coaching business while still in coaching school


Yes, I was the go-getter girl who had 10 paying clients before coaching school was done. Heck yeah, I was! I believed in my skill set (I cultivated all these years). I believed in the results I got with my clients (tons of testimonials). And most of all, I believed in myself (my daily devotion to my recovery practice).


I realized there was a gap where no one was helping people use their recovery for greater purpose. I was hearing so many people say, “I’m now what?” Yet so many yeared to be of service in a bigger way and be purposeful.


That’s exactly why today, my specialty is creating a safe and sacred community where people already in recovery can continue to live their potential while being of service to their family, community or world.


Basically? Today, I'm more-than-ready to show you how to take your recovery life- lessons, and use them to  align with your passion and start living your purpose. (In fact, I’ve been preparing for it my whole life.)


You’ve got a CHOICE to make; right here, right now.


Are you ready to get the support and solutions that you need to turn your life’s lessons into profound purpose?


Are you are ready to step into greater service and impact using your recovery as your life’s work?

Are you ready to actualize your calling with style and grace?


Then head on over to my services page, see what’s a fit.






P.S. You can always reach out to me at I love hearing what resonates with you.



"Recovery Life Lab represents a huge uplevel to me in my growth process and journey. Whether you're just starting out in recovery or already consciously navigating it, RLL is an invaluable tool towards absolutely crushing it."



"I’ve meet many great people as part of my work in the recovery field, but Bev Sartain is a truly step above.  As a Recovery Life Coach, she walks the walk and guides her clients to find their passion and purpose.  Her compassion is inspirational and her commitment to providing resources for those in the recovery community is evident in the free information she always makes available.  I’m so grateful to have met Bev and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an insightful and empowering coach."


"I highly recommend Beverly as a Life Coach. Beverly excels in using her clinical acumen, insight, and loving demeanor to support personal growth in others. Beverly is intuitive, intentional and simply a joy to work with. She has many gifts! Most importantly, Beverly inspires vision, clarity and healing, which empowers individuals to manifest their heart's desire for life."