5 Favorite Finds From My Recent Mastermind

I recently completed a 12 month Mastermind experience where we focused on blowing up and scaling up in our online business. It was my largest investment at the time that had me teetering between staying small and playing bigger. I knew I needed to play bigger. I also knew that just another course, program or product wasn’t going to do it for me. I had reached a point of being intentional in my business. I was clear that success in my business was on me, but I wanted to grow alongside a coach and colleagues that were working on similar goals as me. In service to grounding this experience for myself, I have written out my 5 favorite finds.

1. Bigger Thinking
One of my greatest learnings in recovery and in business is that my mind can only take me as far as it can go. I mean that my mind is limited by what it thinks it can and can not do based on previous experience. However, when you are growing a business, you haven’t hit particular milestones yet to know what you are actually capable of achieving. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to have a coach and colleagues to support bigger thinking. When I see what other’s are capable of creating for themselves, it makes it much more possible for me. It doesn’t mean that I have to aspire to other people’s goals, but it does show me that bigger thinking is possible for me as well. Most recently, I had a break-through around a five-figure launch. I had to have the experience of thinking bigger and executing that bigger intention to know that it was possible for me as well as other people. Bigger thinking is imperative to growing a business. I believe bigger thinking happens in creative collaboration with others. Now that I have thought bigger once, I can think bigger again!

2. Container for growth
Picture a container as time and space provided for creation. You will either like short containers to take quick and big action. Or you may be someone who enjoys a larger container where you have room to grow into the connection and experience. I enjoy process and experience and therefore tend to create and participate in larger containers. I noticed a shift in my creative perspective when I started to look at offers as containers for growth. When I have 6-12 months to create and be in in creation with others, magic happens for me here. I get to know myself and others on a deeper level. Deeper connection leads to more flow and ease in my business. Within in the container, I recognize my personal responsibility to myself, others and my business. I am responsible to myself to take action and create results. It’s important to take into consideration what container of growth you enjoy. A Mastermind offers a larger container for connection, creativity and courage.

3. Create and collaborate with others
For someone who has survived off of self-reliance for many years, learning to be supported by others has been a sticking point for me. However, a Mastermind is a perfect opportunity to allow and receive more abundance.. I have received more connection, more creative ideas and more support around follow-through then working in silo by myself. There is something to be said for being in creative collaboration with other creative beings who intend to express, serve and actualize as well. There is a particular collective energy that happens when you bring a group of focused entrepreneurs together to think bigger, plan bigger and execute like never before. It’s important to be in the energy of innovation and that’s precisely what I experienced when working within a Mastermind.

4. Theme calls from other experts 
You don’t have to be an expert in everything. How could you? What’s beautiful about the Mastermind experience is that you bring leaders together to share their own expertise into the group for the betterment of the group. We all have unique gifts and talents and these talents get to be shared within the group. Within in a Mastermind, you have skills beyond those for which you are often known. Writing, speaking, organizing, structuring, delivering, packaging, presenting, initiating all have a special place within the group. Plus, Masterminds often include guest experts that come to share their speciality with the group making the Mastermind and intentional ground for learning, growing and applying to your personal business. I liked being able to learn from many people in one container instead of having to buy a bunch of different courses or products to receive the same information. Plus, it was way more intimate learning from experts in such a personalized way.

5. Accountability partners
Probably my most profound find was working with an accountability partner. I didn’t realize the benefit of an accountability partner until it was gone. While working with an accountability partner, my numbers were higher than when I did not. Having a weekly accountability partner supported me in showing up more than when I show up just for myself. The extra layer of accountability made me push just a bit more and a bit more of pushing in an online coaching business makes all the difference. Doesn’t matter if you meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with an accountability partner. It just matters that you meet. Knowing that I was going to show up for a weekly check-in had me hitting higher goals for myself. Proof is in the pudding, when I have accountability in place, my numbers are higher.

I had such a great experience and was so pleased with the results that I signed up for Round 2 of the Mastermind. Furthermore, I have decided to create my own Mastermind for recovery coaches or recovery-based businesses that want to engage online marketing strategies. It’s going to be a 7 month container of support and accountability starting in September 2017. If you are interested in participating, complete the following APPLICATION.

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