2014 Reflection

It’s been an amazing year. To sum it up, I’d call it the year of choosing me. I made conscious choices this year that included letting go of a great paying job, moving back to California, starting a coaching certification, choosing a work place that supports my intentions of being a coach, working reduced hours at my day job and starting my own coaching business. It took tremendous courage to make these choices. You see I’ve always had unwavering loyalty to my work for other people. I’m dependable, diligent and efficient. My heart and soul goes into all my efforts, even if that means someone else’s vision and mission.
For some years now, I’ve been encouraged by colleagues and clients to “do my own thing.” There is a paradigm shift that needed to take place for me to make the leap. It’s so easy to get in the rhythm of being your best for others. Quite frankly, there is nothing wrong with that. However, I knew I had my own message to share. In fact, being seen and heard is part of my own recovery work wanting to be expressed.
The steps to starting a business can be intimidating but not impossible. It’s the fear of the unknown. It’s what I work on with my clients. The process of starting my own business has been beyond incredible. It’s been a beautiful opportunity for me to practice what I preach. I’m going through my own transformation of dropping limiting beliefs or touching on fear I didn’t know was there. It’s been a thrill working through this process and has solidified my love for the recovery process. When I take a perspective of wonder, openness and possibility, the personal growth process is so rewarding.
It’s been a special year of reaching new heights. A great big thank you to those who have supported me by praising my gifts and talents and encouraging my self-expression. I made many conscious choices this year and received significant opportunities because of it. Where in your life could you make some conscious choices that could change everything? If nothing else, explore these areas. Just by allowing yourself to look, an opening of energy can shift for you.

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