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Beverly Sartain
Beverly Sartain

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Hi, I'm Beverly Sartain, Transformational Coach for men and women who are ready to use their recovery to be of service to the world and live out their full potential.

Here's the real:

I went from suffering through substance abuse, mental health and trauma issues to becoming an internationally certified Substance Abuse Counselor to now having my very own coaching biz and brand that has heart and meaning for me and is meant to inspire you to do the same.

My message:

You can use your life’s challenges and turn it into your life’s work. No ifs - and - or buts about it. 

You were meant for more!

Are you someone who:
- Keeps using your labels as a limitation (while you know you are so much more)
- Has done some inner work but there's still something unresolved (or somethings)
- Holds yourself back from having what you truly want (because truth be told, your doubting what you have to offer)

Yet you know:
- There's potential inside you to do great things (This resonates with your being)
- You are so close to stepping into your spotlight (you just need to know the how)
- You could use some handholding (and you can get there too)

Let me show you how!


Get yourself started with my free “Upgrade Your Recovery” mini-workbook so that you can assess where you are at right now and get ripe and ready for stepping into greater service, purpose and impact. Greater service starts with a healthy you.



"I’ve meet many great people as part of my work in the recovery field, but Bev Sartain is a truly step above.  As a Recovery Life Coach, she walks the walk and guides her clients to find their passion and purpose.  Her compassion is inspirational and her commitment to providing resources for those in the recovery community is evident in the free information she always makes available.  I’m so grateful to have met Bev and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an insightful and empowering coach."


"I highly recommend Beverly as a Life Coach. Beverly excels in using her clinical acumen, insight, and loving demeanor to support personal growth in others. Beverly is intuitive, intentional and simply a joy to work with. She has many gifts! Most importantly, Beverly inspires vision, clarity and healing, which empowers individuals to manifest their heart's desire for life."


"Recovery Life Lab represents a huge uplevel to me in my growth process and journey. Whether you're just starting out in recovery or already consciously navigating it, RLL is an invaluable tool towards absolutely crushing it."